Be a Bold Change Leader

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Healthcare is changing. Do you know your organization's change fitness?

We've developed resources for making effective change.
Our assessment is the first step, and it takes just a few minutes.


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Here are 9 statements to gauge your organization’s change management fitness. Consider each statement carefully before choosing the answer.

1. We have a common change management methodology that we use consistently throughout our organization.
2. Every change in our organization has a designated leader who models how to lead change.
3. Change management is a well-developed competency throughout our organization.
4. We have a common language for change management across our organization.
5. We use a common set of tools in our organization to facilitate our change efforts.
6. Meaningful employee engagement is fundamental to making change in our organization.
7. Before launching a change in our organization, we make every effort to ensure that those who will be impacted are clear about why the change is needed.
8. When we make change in our organization, we fully integrate project and change components into a single plan – we don’t use separate plans that run in parallel.
9. Change management is the responsibility of our managers (not external consultants or functions like HR or Project Management).
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