Organization Change Management Consulting

At The Change Kit, we provide our clients with unmatched access to the resources and tools every organization requires to meet the needs of a planned change. This change may range from the integration of new technologies or processes on the less complex end of the change continuum to the merger between two different organizations on the more complex end. But one thing is constant—change is inevitable and inherent to all aspects of organizational life.

When you purchase a license to The Change Kit, you have the option to add an Orientation Workshop. The Workshop builds participants’ capability to:

  • Distinguish how individuals experience and respond to change so they can lead and coach others effectively through it.
  • Identify their role in change and successfully model it.
  • Outline the process by which teams and organizations move through change.
  • Use Change Kit tools and resources to overcome resistance to change, and to initiate, execute, and sustain effective change.

However, we understand that leading a change effort and managing people through change can stretch your capability and your capacity. If you require additional organization change management consulting, our sister company, Performance Development Associates (PDA), can provide you with any additional assistance you may need to prepare, execute, and sustain your organization change.

Among its expertise, PDA provides organization change management consulting to help organizations of all kinds navigate change. PDA helps you to develop a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities you currently face and works closely with you to develop a tailored approach that best suits your context. By helping you to build proper foundations for change and to engage your workforce meaningfully, we can help you avoid the risks associated with the complexity of change, realize faster adoption of change, and greatly increase the likelihood of success.

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